‘The Brief’ 2013

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The Shoot Out Cheyenne brief items are described in detail here. If you have any questions, or comments, please comment. There is an historical slant this year and we hope you do some research and come up with a good story integrating the past with the present.

Teams that weren’t at The Shoot Out Cheyenne briefing can check out the Brief items in detail in this posting.

Production crews must select a minimum of seven of the eleven to use in their film. One of which MUST be in the first 30 seconds (30 seconds includes opening credits) of the film. In addition to the Mandatory Items, SEVEN of the ELEVEN items must include at least 2 LOCATIONS, 3 PROPS, 1 PLOT ELEMENT, THE PHRASE

Remember to provide time codes for each brief item!

Mandatory Brief Items
In addition to the Seven of Eleven Brief items, the following are mandatory:

- artscapeWyoming Arts Council ArtScapes Magazine: They are available at the Wyoming Arts Council offices in the Kendrick Building 2330 Capitol Avenue. A copy also can be downloaded by clicking on the thumbnail image on the right.
- visit cheyenne logoVisit Cheyenne “Live the Legend” logo: They are available at the Visit Cheyenne headquarters in the Depot 115 E. 15th Street. Download it by clicking on the thumbnail image on the right.
Video-Editor- Smash Cut Edit – one scene abruptly cuts to another without transition, usually meant to startle the audience. Click on the thumbnail image to find out more information about this particular type of cut.


The Eleven Brief Items
1. PLOT ELEMENTS – (pick at least one, do some research and build it into your story):

Ernest Hemmingway and Martha Gellhorn were married somewhere in the Cheyenne Union Pacific Depot.- Author Ernest Hemingway and novelist and war reporter Martha Gellhorn were married at the Cheyenne Union Pacific Depot in November 1940. A reporter covering the wedding in the dining room of the Union Pacific Railroad at Cheyenne, called it a “pairing of flint and steel” (No specific location is currently known, since the depot renovation did away with the old restaurant)

Main St. Cheyenne 1869, WH Jackson photo, USGS- At the urging of Esther Hobart Morris in South Pass City, Legislator William Bright sponsored a women’s suffrage bill before the Wyoming Territorial Legislature; Governor John A. Campbell signs bill approving full suffrage for women in 1869, the first in the nation. Esther Hobart Morris went on to be the nation’s first woman judge. (Plaque located around 215 West 17th Street).

hyndspostcard- When the InterOcean Hotel burned down in 1916, killing a family of six, Harry P. Hynds, blacksmith and entrepreneur, tackled the project and built the fireproof Hynds Building in 1919.  There is no wood in the construction. The door and window jambs are made of metal and painted to look like wood. The building and design was quite advanced for its time, being modeled after building in New York City. (Corner of Capitol Avenue and 16th Street).

tom horn guilty- Range detective Tom Horn was tried, convicted and hanged in Cheyenne for the murder of Willie Nickell, the 14 year old son of a shepherding rancher which  he likely did not commit. Horn worked for ranchers who controlled large tracts of land in southeastern Wyoming. (Courtroom in Wyoming Home Store 2nd floor and viewable from the sidewalk at 216 W. 16th Street).


2. THE PHRASE (MANDATORY) – “He don’t know where Wyoming is. See, I’m with a guy who don’t know where Wyoming is. You think you’ve got problems?” (Al Pacino to hostage a negotiator in “Dog Day Afternoon – 1975)

3. LOCATION – The Peacock Alley hallway leading to the Plains Hotel using the Capitol Avenue entry next to the Emporium Store.

4. LOCATION – The front porch of the Nagel – Warren Mansion at 222 E 17th Street

5. LOCATION – The historic Cheyenne and Wyoming book section at Phoenix Books and Music 1612 Capitol Avenue. The display is in the front window and is accessible at all hours. (Store hours 10am to 6pm.)

6. LOCATION – The Historic Governor’s Mansion – 300 E. 21st Street

7. PROP – A smoothie consumed inside of Ruby Juice 113 E. 17th St (7am – 7pm)

8. PROP – A cowboy boot

9. PROP – Dead Man’s card hand (two pair – ace of spades, ace of clubs, eight of spades, eight of clubs)

10. PROP – A film camera (8mm, 16mm, 35mm SLR, etc.)

11. PROP – A string of pearls (they don’t have to be real).

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5 Comments to “‘The Brief’ 2013”

  1. By Amber, September 23, 2013 @ 10:47 am

    Are the plot element locations covered under a blanket location release, or will we need to get our own location releases to film there?

  2. By bvet22, September 23, 2013 @ 11:31 am

    you’ll need a location release for everyplace you shoot, so make another copy of the location release form.

  3. By Michael, September 25, 2013 @ 1:37 pm

    You sure know how to have fun in Cheyenne!

  4. By Steve, October 2, 2013 @ 7:59 pm

    (1) Instructions say a name must be entered for each category (Producer, Camera Person, etc.), but does not provide a full list of categories (or is that it?) or a form to enter them on. Should I just type up a page of credits to submit?

    (2) Perhaps obvious, but: my CD has a number on it. Is that my team number?

  5. By bvet22, October 3, 2013 @ 7:06 am

    the main thing is getting the appearance releases from everyone, location and music releases. copy your movie onto the cd which has your team number

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