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The Shoot Out Cheyenne asks filmmakers to trust their courage, imagination and determination by making a 7-minute film in just 24 hours. The challenge and skill involved becomes evident with the list of required technical, material, and timing 'rules' for creating the films.

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THE SHOOT OUT CHEYENNE 2012 - New 3D and Smart Phone Categories

The Shoot Out Cheyenne (TSOC) 24 hour filmmaking festival continues to thank all the production crews, volunteers and community members and sponsors who have supported all the locally produced movies over the past three years. TSOC will continue to be a producer-focused event providing filmmakers of all experience levels with a venue to make films and have them screened. Entries will be accepted in digital formats on the thumb drive that will be provided to each team.

The event that happens October 5 to 7 in Downtown Cheyenne has added a couple new categories.

GoPro Cameras is sponsoring a 3D 90 second filmmaking contest using their Cineform editing software and GoPro 3D camera rigs. Interested people will be asked to attend the GoPro 3D workshop on October 5 and 6. During this time it will be a "hands-on" production and teams will be making a short 90 second film within the 24 hour time frame. The top entries will be screened on a 3D monitor at the Atlas Theatre. The winning team will win a GoPro camera set.

TSOC is also adding a Smart Phone category. Smart Phones that allow the content to be off-loaded from the device - androids and iphones - are required. Teams are allowed to shoot a continuous shot or edit the clips "in-camera" using an app such as iMovie.

TSOC continues to accept entries shot on tape or digital cameras. To reiterate, while editing video out of the camera on a computer, in any way is disallowed, the rules are also clear that producers may edit the sound, add music, effects using computer-editing software as long as scenes are not reordered.

The in-camera editing rule is the bedrock format of the festival. The Shoot Out has evolved over time from analog VHS to Hi-8 to mini-DV and now to this first year of accepting full digital content. The Shoot Out will continue to change with the technology and is a festival that tries not to get too bogged down in the rules. The Shoot Out has always gone out of its way to work with producers to help them successfully complete their projects – whether they are shooting on a handy-cam tape camera or the latest DSLR rig.

The Shoot Out Cheyenne Schedule of Events - 2012
Friday - October 5 - 4:00pm registration in the Plains Hotel; 6:00pm release of the "Brief" and let the fun begin (production crews have 24 hours to return their finished projects)

Saturday - October 6 - 6:00pm - competed projects due; 7:00 pm 2010 Top 10 Screening (location TBA); Judging round begins to select the top 10 films

Sunday - October 7 - 2nd Round Judging to rank the films and select invidivual award winners; Doors 1:00pm Top 10 Screening and Award Ceremony 1:30pm - Historic Atlas Theatre



TSOC Classic Films - Each film can be no longer than 7 minutes in length (including credits) and must be edited in-camera and returned to the event organizers no later than 24 hours after the start of the event. All films must include 5 of the eleven items announced at the start of the event in “The Brief.”

TSOC 3D Films - Each film can be no longer than 90 seconds including any credits. It can be edited using the Cineform editing software and other editing software. The sound is not so great, so each film will likely be a "silent" film with no dialogue, however music and sound effects can be added. Dialogue can be recorded separately and added in post production. Remember, teams have 24 hours.

TSOC Smart Phone Films - Each film can be no longer than 7 minutes in length, including credits and must be edited "in camera" this means either a continuous shot or editing can happen with a smart phone app such as iMovie. Teams must be able to off load their films by uploading them to a "drop box" and downloading, or by using a program such as iPhone Explorer.

All films are judged to come up with the Top 10 Films for the Gala Screening Event. Go About The Shoot Out Cheyenne to learn more!

TSOC Classic Films: EDITING IN CAMERA - What It Means in 2012

TSOC Classic Films must be shot in sequence, i.e. produced in a linear fashion (NO EDITING). This means that teams may rewind tape, delete and tape over what was last shot and may also insert a shot if your camera has that function. Teams may not edit i.e. you can not use an editing suite, any method that views it through a monitor or by connecting several cameras or VTRs together or use of a computer or any other technology other than one camera used to shoot the video/film to rearrange your shots. You may use the forementioned tools to transfer your vision to an acceptable format for delivery i.e. MiniDV. Please ask if you have questions when you pick up your materials. **Festival Organizers reserve the right to amend these rules up until the start of the event.

You can now use the camera's internal memory sticks or hard drive. You may edit the sound, add music, effects using a computer editing software as long as you don't reorder or edit the video clips. You must submit your final project on as a digital file - H.264 MPEG4 is preferred on the thumb drive provided to each team. If any concerns come up during judging regarding editing, you must provide your HD or Memory Stick for review by Judges.

Important documents that you might need: Participant Release Form (Use page 2 only), Location Release Form and Music Release Form (PDF). Documents will also be provided at sign-in and tape return. Remember that your materials are not considered "turned-in" until the festival organizers have ALL documents.

The Shoot Out Cheyenne Top 10 and Awards announced for 2011

The Shoot Out 24 hour filmmaking festival Cheyenne wrapped on Sunday. Watch the films by opening the link. The top 10 films and awards given are as follow:

Bear Switch Project
- Best Film
- Best Actor – Ron Vigil
- Best Comedy

Jonathan Steele
- Best Under-17 Film
- Best Director

Dance of the Wyoming Winds
- Best Sound Editing
- Best In-Camera Editing

The Thousand Injuries
- Best Cinematography
- Best Art Direction

The Big Blind
- Best Screenplay
- Best Music Composition

Demo Tape
- Best Actress – Sam Adkins

- Best Heart-Felt Story – Special Recognition

Happy Z Day

Voices in My Head


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The Shoot Out 24 Hour Filmmaking Festival Boulder returns on October 19 - 21, 2012 - 9th Year! Boulder's unique Film Making Contest.

The Shoot Out named one of the world’s top 24 events for 2010 by a leading London newspaper. Read more

Supported in part by Wyoming Film Office, Downtown Cheyenne, Cheyenne Convention & Visitor Bureau, and the Wyoming Arts Council

The Historic Plains Hotel is the home for The Shoot Out Cheyenne and will be once again offering packaged deals during the festival weekend.